About TRIKAYA company

TRIKAYA is an international group of companies with business activity in finance and real estate. The TRIKAYA Fund (investment fund for qualified investors) and TRIKAYA Asset Management (manager of the Fund) are registered in Luxemburg...
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Residential Projects in Brno

All the apartments of project Ponavia residence are already sold. The Trikaya company is preparing several new projects, that will be realized in the upcoming years. In particular, it's project of residential houses Neumanka – modern apartments on the southern slope of famous Masarykova čtvrť. In the northern part of the city we are close  to realization of the project Ponavia Park, which will provide a comfortable urban living space including facilities for services.A long time planned project of a residential district Pod Hády is also approaching realization. The site closely connected with nature and the city will offer up to three hundred units of mixed type.

Trikaya Property and Facility Management

Through our subsidiary company Trikaya Property and Facility Management, we provide entire management of buildings and immovable assets. We provide a complete service of residential and administrative buildings, ranging from administrative management (accounting, cost allocation) to the technical management, maintenance of green areas or security services.  We can now offer our experience in the management of residential projects to the general public and other companies in the residential market.


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After two years, the price of new apartments in Brno ceased to grow. At least for a while

23.07.2018 In the second quarter of this year, for the first time since 2016, the price of new flats in Brno stopped, and even slightly decresed. Those interested in housing will pay an average of less than 71,500 CZK per square meter, which is 1,500 CZK less than in the previous quarter. Still, the sales of new dwellings in Brno are low, with only 141 sold in the second quarter. New...
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Interest in Brno apartments is growing despite the 11% rise

12.07.2016 In the first six months of this year, developers completed a record sale of 907 apartments in new buildings in Brno. It's almost like the whole year 2015, when the Brno combined have sold 957 new apartments. Prices continued to rise year on year there are new apartments rose in price by 11%. The number available apartments fell again - currently you can only choose from 882...
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